We All Die, Books Never Die

I’ve just noticed how much time i spend in front of my laptop each days. It’s painful to say that i’ve bought so many books through my first year and only just catch a glimpse of it, didn’t get to read the whole. I even forgot how better it feels when you spend your day lying on the bed and reading a book on printed pages.

above is a collection of Songsin’s artworks, coming with special CD inside –  Bobby Swingers Songs from the Sin by him.

Songsin Tiewsomboon is a Thai artist, known for his several famous projects like Improvise, Beansprout & Firehead, Nine Lives, and also including his music project as well. Thanks to my friend, Immy,  for first introducing his Improvise to me that i’ve been following his wonderful works so far.

here check out Songsin’s Daviantart


2 thoughts on “We All Die, Books Never Die

  1. yeah I spent too much time on laptops and have got a chance to read a whole bunch of books I’ve bought long time ago..that’s bad :(( wish I had more than 24 hours each day lol btw, I really wanna read and watch ‘pride and prejudice’, I heard it’s a good movie :)

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