The Rural Vibe

It’s been ages since my last hello here. Riding to the second phase of design studio of my third year, it’s a children library project at Prajeenburi that we are now working on.

A morning walk, fresh air, bold horticulture, a sound of  nature’s waterfall, definitely are what you can’t easily find in big, rush city. And those three healthy meals a day,  a good enough time of sleep, and a feeling of pleasure once working on the project outside studio are also far from my routine life.

a greenish mountain line in front of the site, and a waterfall behind that too.

all the kids here love to bike.

A big thanks to all teachers giving us a chance to explore this new kind of work. I learned a lot from taking this 4 day trip to work here. It’s more than just a site analysis, it’s the people i meet here that make this place special; I can say that i want to know them rather than just collecting  information from them.


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