INTERZONE: Between Water and Air

An INTERZONE water/air, is an embassy between the aquatic and the aerial worlds, between human and water creatures, between two biotopes. Surface covering the walls and ceiling with two or three openings is made out of blown glass or thermoformed plastic elements like small aquariums containing water or overlapping as fish scales for more flexibility by computational design and craft production. This project is sponsored by the Graham Foundation for Architecture of Chicago,  under the 2012 Digital FABLAB Studio. The following are the hanging system installation and film shooting. All photos taken by Chinzo.

DSC_6827 857165_564816190209455_1939826227_o DSC_6941 886265_565378583486549_889774665_o 885839_565379510153123_748880219_o 885696_565379690153105_344862691_o 882771_565379813486426_1944318550_o r o


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